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Therefore vicariously you are special too!

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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!

BlodMahl makes music. He goes by many names and titles and works in a broad spectrum of genres. He is an artist and a producer, a musician and a singer, a rapper and a poet, a writer and a composer, a maker of pictures, a dreamer, a sorcerer…

Let’s just go with that he makes music!

He’s currently an independent underground music maker that seeks to infiltrate the upper echelons of the main stream and pop culture. For kicks and giggles and to make pop music interesting again (member the Beatles?).

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a page where you can give support to your favourite creatives by donating an amount of money to them on a regular basis. I have set the donation rate to once a month, just to get a feel for the system.

Besides the feeling of rebellious goodwill that you get for helping me take on the music business I’ve also set up some rewards for you.

Rewards, You say?

Yep! Rewards, and depending on how much you donate you’ll be eligible for different rewards. The rewards are pretty basic as of now (sneak peaks, access to stems, t-shirt printing, etc.), yet basic is good. Basic get’s the job done.

Stretch Goals

Since I’m a fan of the Kickstarter model and an entrepreneur at heart, I’ve added in some stretch goals. Some silly, some serious, all of which I dream of to do. For there is a goal to all my creating and vision that goes beyond just bumming around the world making music.

Last Plead

Cheerful sales pitch texts apart…
I need your help.
I’ve built my music and arts imperium from a place of undiscoverable underground. For years I’ve been isolated and thanks to this I now have the know how, the structural backbone and the music arsenal to roll out in the world. All I lack is the money, which is where You can Make The Difference.
All the help I can get will benefit tremendously and even if you donate but a dollar per month I will benefit from it.

Help me make pop music great again!

/BlodMahl (aka Niklas Blomdahl) Maglehem, March 2018

If you have any questions at all about why I’m doing this and for what cause, please get in touch. I love to explain <3

For more details on how Patreon works (becoming a patron, privacy, payments, etc.), please follow this Link or this One.

BlodMahl’s track record as of march 2018 contains this:

BlodMahl - producer, writer, musician, singer, rapper, etc.
Patterns of Organic Energy
Gonk o Matic
Black Box
Deep Sea Trawling
Cockpit Failure
Main Theme Maker Pt.1
In the Land of Synthetic Emotions (release July 2018)
Monster Battle Arena 2000 (in production)

Raw Diamond - producer, writer, musician
Glitterway Poetry Facet
Glitterway Acoustical Facet
Story of Swan
A Diva’s Dance 
Alien Country (in production)

Bildsköne Bengtssons - producer
Live at Maglehemsfestivalen 2014 (in production)
Papayan av Rabarber (in production)

Svalka - producer, writer, musician
Stoft och Ekon
Svalka 2 (in production)

The Plastic Barbaras - producer, writer, musician, vocalist
Vidar (to be released in 2018)
Basement TraxXx (in production)
The Plastic Barbaras (in production)

Misc. Artist Colabs
EML - 
Lilac Wonder (producer)
K0_Z - Bazooka Joe (producer, co-writer)
AxlMC - 
Cool 2k15 (producer, instrumentalist)
$0 of $100 per month
<h5>What can I do here?</h5>
At this level I can broaden the reach of my music, online as well as IRL.

I like stickers. Maybe I'll buy stickers…
But I also like posters…
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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