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Your reward? I thought you wanted to help me, not bleed me dry damn it! Alright, look in your pockets and pull something out, whatever that is, it is your reward.

Fine, I suppose I can read your names on stream and stuff, specifically thanking you for all your help. Plus you get access to my Patreon activity feed, so you can help me shape the course of our future together.

ALRIGHT! Fine, I'll send a drawing done with my immense skill of pretty much anything you ask for, just let me know what you'd like to see!




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About Brian Romer

You may not already know, I am known as Unraveller on I am also called Bloodaxe Thunderscream. In any event, I stream great classic rpgs such as the original Elder Scrolls and Fallout, putting in my own little voice acting talent and boisterous over-exaggerations.

In case you've watched the video above, or have at least been alive for the past two months or so, you'll know that in recent times I've been confronted with some lame financial issues. Living in New York has become expensive, my two roommates and I have been struggling to keep food in our bellies and the roof above our head.

Instead of taking up a second job like any normal and sane individual, I decide to start streaming, originally I had hoped to simply make a little pocket change, but now I've realized just how wonderful it truly is. A lovable little community to keep my morale going strong, and games that we all love.

With your help, I'd like to first begin with making sure we are properly fed, and have food every single day, then I'd like to improve the quality of my streams, whether that be from getting internet faster than 0.5 mb/s to purchasing a much more professional microphone. After that, who knows how long it'll be, I'd like to quite the demeaning labor I put myself through and be sustained through stream only. Finally, I'd like to move out, get an actual place to live instead of a home more cramped than the cheapest Japanese residence.

So, I hope you're interested, if so I also hope you can figure this site out on your own, because I sure can't. Shall we become legends together? Come join the fun?