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Hi! I'm Danny, also known as BlueDrakmaVA (Formerly RsGames1999) on YouTube.

The primary featured projects in this Patreon will be my anime analysis videos, Everything Great About videos, other parodies, and Fate/Apocrabridged. To be clear, if I make even a dollar per month from this patreon, you all will receive at least one video that month. You can tell which video is designated as the Patreon-supported video(s) by the presence of Patreon credits at the end and/or in the description. If videos are taken offline (for example, by copyright claims) then I will upload them to a secondary site and link them on Patreon for anyone to see.

To be clear, this Patreon is not in effect to sell abridging. Abridged things may be among the biggest projects this Patreon will support, but I have no intention of charging people to see my content. All reward tiers are, if anything, bonuses along the ride of creating these videos, but are absolutely not necessities to see my content. All videos, upon completion and review, will be posted to YouTube with no charge at any point to anyone who doesn't wish to become a patron. 

The discord server has been opened to the public! All tiers have access to minor video credits in the form of an end text crawl and description mention. However, higher tiers have access to plenty of other cool stuff, like previews and vocal credits, so definitely check em out!

Discord -

Tier icons done by Kai "Krohitsu" Sorensen.
$150.30 of $200 per month
At this milestone, I'll make a special to commemorate the patreon's success, which all patrons will get to vote on!

I'll set up a list of analysis topics I can tackle as well as abridged parodies I could make and let everyone on the discord server and on my patreon page give their 2 cents!
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