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This tier will consist of any and all beginner tutorials that I come up with. I am open to requests if you need something explained that I have not covered yet. 

*Keep in mind these tutorials are for beginners so everyone can get into crafting. :3

Molding & Casting Tier
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This tier will consist of how to make more advanced molds, two and three part molds. I will also go into how to mold various items as well as what to look for when picking casting materials. 

*I am not sponsored by any company so I will only suggest products I use, but I will be more than happy to test out other brands and compare them to each other if funds are available.




Hello everyone I am Mauro,
I have been learning how to design and make molds since 2015 and am now comfortable with helping others with all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years.

Why am I doing Patreon?
Doing Patreon will help me share my knowledge and help others with getting started on their mold projects. I currently work full-time as a design engineer, but I will make it a point to get at least one tutorial for each tier out once a month. I also want to expand and provide 3D printing content for everyone. A new tier will become available when I get to that point.

What am I getting?
You will be gaining access to tutorials on how to go about making your own molds. From beginner to advanced molds. I will provide the 3D models so you all can follow along with any of my tutorials. They will come in varying sizes, so you can download and print the mold boxes that will best suit the mold you will be making. :D

How will I get my files?
I will upload all the STL models to dropbox so you can download each size you would like in one go. The files will come in zip files and each zip file will have the following: Mold base, short mold wall, medium mold wall, tall mold wall, and mold clamp. If you do not have access to a 3D printer than you can message me directly and I can help get you started. :)

Every other month I will put out a poll for each tier based on your suggestions. The winning selection of that month will give me a better idea of what you all would like to see taught. I will make it a point to make a tutorial based on that poll. Not guaranteeing I will make a tutorial based on the winner, but it is highly likely I will. :D

When will I be billed?
As soon as you sign up you will be charged for the amount dependent on the tier you choose, and after that you will be billed at the beginning of each month.

What machines do you have?
I have the following machines to help me with making my tutorials:
Creality CR-10S (FDM printer)
Creality Ender 3 (FDM printer)
Prism3D Printer (resin printer)
SparkMaker FHD (resin printer)
Phrozen Shuffle XL (resin printer)
Kudo3D Bean (resin printer)
K40 (laser cutter)
Vacuum chamber (for mold making)
Pressure pot (for casting and mold making)
*I am not endorsed or sponsered by any of the above

What software do you use to make your designs?
I use a variety of software, but here is a list of the various programs I use:
Solidworks (solid modeling for mold making)
InkScape (line design for laser cutting and simple illustrations for tutorials)
ChiTuBox (for resin prints)
Cura (for FDM prints)
*I am not endorsed or sponsered by any of the above

I want to get ZBrush so I can design more organic models and offer them up to people so they can print. I know Blender is free to use, but I've tested ZBrush and it seems like a better fit for me. :3

What materials do you use for printing and molding?
I use a variety of materials for 3D printing, molding, and casting. Here is just a quick list of brands I personally like using:
eSun PLA+ (for FDM printer)
Siraya resin (for resin printing)
SainSmart rapid resin (for resin printing)
Smooth-On resin and silicone (for casting and molding)
*I am not endorsed or sponsered by any of the above

And finally thank you
I want to thank you all for your support, patrons or casual browsers. It means the world to me that you would consider parting with some of your hard earned cash to help me do what I love, sculpt for you guys.
If you can't afford to become a Patron then that's fine. Any support you can offer is gratefully  appreciated, whether in words of encouragement, sharing my social media pages, or sending me images of molds you've made using my tutorials.

Lots of thanks

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This goal is to help me get a 6 month subscription for ZBrush.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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