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About Bluechuii

Hello! I'm Leia (Bluechuii) a Manga artist!
I'm the creator, artist and writer for the manga Dragon Fairy which is available to read for free on Tapas! I love drawing cute women/men, dragons and gore! Yeah... I know.. cute and gore are very opposite~

I'm super passionate about drawing. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Drawing in an anime/ manga style for 7 years. Developing Dragon Fairy for 6 years and DF has been released for over a year now! My manga is my true passion. My dream is to get it published properly as volumes.

With Patreon; I believe it will help me carry on working on DF and It'll help fund my goal for a secret project And maybe even be able to help make DF volumes! But I also really want to do this for fun! I would love to give out gifts for people who are willing to support me as well as being able to make more art that people would like to see rather than just what I'd like to draw. I would love to get out of my comfort zone more! It would honestly mean the world!!

Thank you for taking the time to check out my Patreon!
(I'm sorry if my prices are high but that's due to the conversion from Dollars to Pounds. I'm sorry!) 

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