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With your backing, you can see my works in progress! I love to take pictures as I work on my drawings, and you can see the completion process step by step. These are images that only ever go in my portfolio and never usually see the light of day.
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On top of access to WIP's, you can get any photo of your choosing transformed into a charcoal portrait.
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Much like the $10 reward, you can get charcoal portraiture done based on photos of your choosing, except now you can get them done monthly! Every month, send your favorite photo of friends, family, or yourself and get a high-definition digital copy of a charcoal recreation.




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I strive to take traditional art and bring it to modern needs and interests. My college education in charcoal and oil allows me to make works with texture and atmosphere not seen frequently in the online art world.

I've taken on multiple clients even though my business has only just begun. My specialty for the time being lies in charcoal drawings. Customers have been highly satisfied in my ability to replicate photographs and other stills, and other potentials are blown away by my fan works and post-modern style. My studies in 20th century art truly shine as I experiment with figurative, cubist, and contemporary work.

For my friends and patrons as nerdy as myself, you will get to see my use fantastic Prismacolor markers to make fan art and play mats come to life. I look forward to getting my name out into the card playing world.

What I ask of my patrons is to stick with me while I bring forth these unique styles and apply them to personal interests and the request of my clients. I intend to display something unique and eye-catching.
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Charcoal runs out quickly, and I need paper to work on, which runs out even faster. As my work increases in scale, I also need plenty of rolls of paper and sealer to make sure my work is permanent.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 58 exclusive posts

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