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Thanks a whole lot for believing in my work!

Every dollar counts in this crazy place we call life, so the fact that you decided to part with yours fills me with determination.

Here you gain access to BTS posts on whatever I am working on at the moment.

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This tier guarantees your name, yes YOUR name at the end of all of my videos for all to see how sexy of a human being you are.

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About BLURRface

The same way you can't quite make out what a really blurry image is about, you won't be able to pinpoint exactly what type of content I’ll make next.

I have a lot of different influences and interests, so the plan for my channel is to try and make videos about as many varied topics as I can. Sure, some of my interests are bigger then others like Video Games and Movies, so you can expect a lot of gaming and film-related content but definitely bet that I’ll post a video about something completely out of left field whenever I get an idea, which I have tons already written down. One day I could be making a Review of Mario Kart 15, the next I ’ll be posting a mini-documentary on the life of Stanley Kubrick while working on a video showcase of original photography. Basically, I want to make content that I’m really passionate about.

The biggest challenge that I have to overcome to accomplish this goal is, you guessed it, money. I know it sucks, but it is what makes the world go round. That's where you come in oh sweet and kind reader (I’m not trying to butter you up I promise 🤗) by supporting my Patreon you would be helping me escape YouTube's awful Adsense system and freeing me from making tired, repetitive, proven types of videos that pull views. Your support would also help me get better gear ( of which I have zero 😓) for improving the quality of my content.

I hope you’ll help me make the type of content I love making for you. Thank you and have a very blurry day.

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Decent editing rig.
Once I can afford a proper editing machine you can expect the frequency and quality of my videos to go up %100.
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