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About Board Beings


We are one part Artist and one part Storyteller coming together to bring you a universe of content. You can expect to see printables of all kinds as well as custom creations from the frontiers of our imaginations. Our hope is that you would include our creations to your table-top adventures or  custom games of your own.

This all started with the two of us and some other Board Beings that decided to go on a journey together. We designed characters and matching minis to fully immerse the party into the nonsense that was about to ensue.

We are continuing this journey by creating Board Beings, and hope to expand our library of printables, develop new role playing resources, and explore other mediums of gaming. With your support you allow us to sharpen our focus and create as fast as our minds can imagine.
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One Small Step for a Goblin!
This is the cream, the juice, the first milestone of our project. We get to spend more time doing what we love and sharing our content. What better way to celebrate than with a special mini, and a commemorative button. Onward to the next step in our adventure...
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