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About Bobbalouche

So, growing up I have always had these great adventures going through my head but, never put it on paper. Believing I wouldn't be any good at it. As I got older I started getting into playing a lot of rpg style games while always thinking on what could be changed story wise to make it better. I eventually got into dungeons and dragons listening to other people describe things and started thinking how to improve it. How to make a impression so people want to keep going. Afterward people started telling me that my story telling and plots were awesome and to start writing. I laughed it off not taking it to seriously. After I got out military a close friend died who also said before he died I should write a book. So I started thinking about it and reading other people's books not knowing if I could. Until one day randomly reading someone's book I said out loud in my room "I can write something better than this." A single thought passed through my head at that moment. (Then why don't you?)  So I'm writing now knowing I may not be any good but, if people like it then I will work to make it better than the last. I want to do this full time if enough people want me to.
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When this reaches $700 per month, I will focus completely 100% on writing these books. The release date for chapters will shorten since I will put everything aside to focus on writing.
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