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You just helped me more than if you had watched every single ad to ever pop up on my videos. Thank you.
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^ This is what Patreon auto-filled in for me and though it sounds really good, uh, the only sneak peak photos you'll be getting are memes and my ass.  I'd call that a good trade.

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About Bobby G Gaming

Hi I'm Bobby, and I create video game content on YouTube, as well as stream quite a bit on twitch.

I am currently in college studying computer science, and because of this, I am in a pretty good position to be able to consistently and regularly put out content to both YouTube and Twitch.  That being said- I look at my YouTube channel as a hobby, and I think because of that, I don't get frustrated or bored with making content.  I play what I want when I want, and review things that I think are interesting, NOT what I think will get the most views.  I will take breaks from games if I need to, because I believe my content is at its best when I am playing something I really want to be playing.  That being said, I try my best to put out consistent content.  I've had this YouTube account for over two years now, and I've uploaded over five hundred videos.  I do short guides, long playthroughs, walkthroughs, commentary blind playthroughs, game reviews, and the occasional joke video.  As of May 21st 2018, YouTube has de-monetized all small channels, and though I worked very hard to bring my channel up to the numbers required for monetization, they have since delayed their initial promise of a one week approval time to over six months now (and counting).  Because of this, my content creation might end up slowing down a bit, as at this point, I will need to supplement my income with a part or full time job. However, I am not a quitter.  I still love creating content, even if YouTube takes 100% of the profit.  I will always continue to make content for you all.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by.  Any small donations help, but if you can't afford it, no problem.  One of the biggest things you can do for me is to just spread the word if you like my content, maybe tell a friend or two to check out some of my videos and help grow my channel.  Again, this is a hobby for me.  I'd love for it to pay all of my bills, but even if it doesn't, I'll still be making content because it's what I enjoy doing.  If this whole Patreon thing ever grows into something bigger, then I'll figure out some donation rewards for you guys.
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Honestly I'm curious to see if this actually works.
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