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About Bobdunga

Hey guys! My name is Raven Simone, but most of you probably know me as Bobdunga on the interwebs! I'm a content creator, visual artist, and occasional cosplayer-dresser-upper living in Toronto Ontario. For all my life, I’ve had a huge love for gaming, film, and television. I have a passion for creating art and a passion for video making, and with a platform like YouTube, I'm able to combine the two things I love the most! :) 

Someday I hope to take this passion for creating a step further and do this as a full time career. As of now, I try to update my YouTube as much as possible. You will usually find me posting video essays, discussions, and retro and current video game reviews. I also tend to dive into Canadian nostalgia here and there!

The process of making an in depth video that's at least around 10 minutes requires a lot of time for clip collecting, editing, etc depending on the type of video I’m putting out. It's a long process but in the end it is worth it. I'm grateful to have garnered as many fans/supporters as I have so far, and would love to see the community grow and introduce you guys to more obscure TV shows and old retro games, and discuss weird facts about gaming that not many people know of. If I can get you to be interested and engaged in a subject, even if its’ something you otherwise wouldn’t be interested in, then I feel like I’ve done my job! X) In order to keep creating consistently though, I need time dedicated specifically to cranking out more videos. And sadly, time is money :( That being said, you guys are under no obligation to donating if you don't want to -Just being subscribed and enjoying the content alone is motivating enough for me to keep going with new episodes! If you can spare something once a month, however, I would be eternally grateful :,) That's why I decided to set up this Patreon! Support my show and also receive cool prizes each month as an added bonus!
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