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sup, i'm Bocodamondo, you may know me from either my fusion/potara project videos , stupid drawings i post here and thee, or probably from my animated adaptations of the fan comic series "Dragon Ball Multiverse"

im really passionate about animating those episodes, and if you enjoy watching them and want me to continue working on them with improved quality,then i'd really appreciate your support if youre willing to do so, you may think 1 dollar is nothing but trust me, it will help me a lot more than you'd think!
im trying my best to make each episode look better than the previous,


Note that i will draw the reward tiers only after the payment, to avoid any confusion or scam.


beside that, i also love to draw regular artworks, both as patreon rewards and just stuff out of my own volition

here's some examples if youre curious about the quality

and thank you very much for the support <3

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being able to support me to continue working on my art and Animations and have my eternal gratitude!

- get access to the feed where you see all finished patreon rewards i made in the past and in the future

-be able to vote for the monthly character poll

-higher  resolution quality of finished drawings including a transparent variant

-WIP sketches for future drawings/projects with the occasional sketch of scrapped idea

Extra support with drawing reward
Limited (0 remaining)
per month

you get a sketch reward for this tier, where i have more free control over the quality ( like colors  and shading) 

+1 tier reward

sketch reward with colors
Limited (0 remaining)
per month

you get a monthly reward drawing that has sketchy linework but proper colors unlike 10$ tier

+1 tier reward

64% complete
i'll be able to make an animated gif poll on a more regular basis! 
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