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About Bōken Adventure

Between two countries with very different cultures and lifestyles, the interest in hunting, fishing, and outdoor experience spans an ocean.

In deeply rooted traditions that span over centuries, Japanese culture represents a very different outdoor experience on a densely populated and heavily regulated island. With populations of game species exploding over the last 5 years, feral hogs and tradition deer species have hit agricultural areas hard. This opened up more opportunities for a relatively small subculture of hunters trying to keep the sport alive. They have to pass extremely rigorous and exclusive tests to obtain permits for air rifles and eventually shotguns or rifles after a long waiting period. With a need for population control of hogs, deer, and monkeys, the sporting cultural of Japan is facing an age-gap with majority of hunters currently registered well beyond 50 years old. The government has begun advertising the sporting traditions of Japanese hunting as past times for women and the youth. With renewed opportunities and interest in hunting, it is a transformation and cultural experience for a land with a storied history of Samurai warriors and recapturing sporting traditions with centuries of history. This turns some modern American traditions of hunting on its head when comparing the vast space and opportunities offered by so many to experience the outdoors on public land or hunting big game.

The Show:
The concept behind the show is to explore the intersection between two very different hunting traditions. Looking at new experiences in two very different hunting traditions with two very different points of view. Therein creating adventure through the reflection of new adventures between two cultures. With outdoor expedition and adventures in other countries and near their homes, they will discover all the outdoor lifestyle has to offer.

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