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Hello my name is Forrest Thompson. I need your help of a monitory donation today very badly. You see every little bit of money you give me can help. Can I have just a few dollars or spare change? Anything you can give will be accepted by me and will be so much appreciated. I'm not sure if you can ask for change on here but I am and I need it. I don't see why not right? Also let me just quickly add that a $100 or $200 dollars is not to much and a huge donation is ok. These past recent calendar days I was to receive a sum of money ; a considerable amount if you will. It was to be delivered to me by ATM/ Debit Card along with all the information of the account I would need. You know will have all received those letters in the mail right? However the card was not handed over to me. I'm more then quite sure some amounts were transferred from the account with the card and then the card passed on into a reasonably unobtainable state. Whether into the hands of a thief or any unknowing recipient is unknown to me. But none the less it is not whoevers card who has it wether they know it or not they are stealing from me. Doesn't sound so bad right? Call to the persons who sent the card to me and set up the account for me to begin with right? I do not have any of there contact information. Once I received notice that all the information required of me was obtained and satisfactory and that my Fund had been sent forth to be delivered into my hands I deleted all such contact information as not to raise any question of my satisfaction and to move forward in good faith just as I have moved forward all these years in good faith. This is a horrible tragedy and I need your help please! I do not know if everyone who reads this will not feel that I am worthless and that I will be the only one who feels sad for myself. I don't know if they will see something about me that is worth nothing. The truth is though that I really need your money. I need your donations. I have Rent to pay, Utility Bills , and Phone Service Bills to pay. The list goes on not to mention Food and Simple Daily Hygiene Products. I also need more time to figure this out. I need more time to sort though all of these things ; not to mention how much money may or may not help out. I will use my good judgement wisely when it comes to that. I am asking you to trust in what I'm saying and give money to me. If you don't believe me I'm still asking you to give me your money in good faith. I need these donations from all of you people today very badly. Just a few dollars or your spare change and yes larger donations and even huge donations if you can charity it to me today. Please donate! Please give! I hope to have your money soon. And if I didn't call your number or talk you into per-say please give me your money anyway. Alright folks goodday and please give me your donations.

Just click the link to donate :$boldfaith1915
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