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You can send me direct messages on here. I respond to all messages I receive on Patreon. Sometimes, I just simply can't answer every comment I get on YouTube and other social media.
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Your name (or username) will appear on-screen at the end of every new video until the end of time or until the end of your contribution. Plus previous Tier Bonus.
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All the previous rewards AND a group hangout call over Discord where you can ask me questions alongside other patrons who are there! We can talk about anything or if everyone wants to play a game, we can do that too!
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I have to make content some time ^_^




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About Bolin

Hello Everyone!
You're chilling here with Bolin and thank you very much for checking out my Patreon Page! I am using Patreon as a way to make my passion for video games and making video content, into a living and with your help I can support myself while doing what I love to do!

What I Do
As you already know, I have a passion for making YouTube Videos. Some of them are funny, some are to help you out and some are just random fun with my friends but all are done with a passion for creating content. I've been creating content for years (during my studies and for fun) and recently I have decided to try make a career out of it. It has always been my dream to entertain through YouTube!

How You Can Help
Patreon is a way for you to support what I do. It allows fans to become direct supporters. Once you've made a Patreon account, you can choose to support me through a donation of your liking and i'll give you some extras in return. It can be as little as a dollar or as big as you want. You can also set a monthly cap to make sure you don't go over your budget. If you later decide that it's not worth it anymore, you can cancel at any time.

The Goal
Through Patron supporters (that means you) I can not only consider this my job but my career. This extra boost will also allow me to improve my work space, my equipment and help me realize my dream!

Thank you again!
Catch you on the flipside!
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Career Goal Achieved!
Thank you all for making my dream come true!
I couldn't have done it without you and your support!
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