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My name is Dacia but I go by Bones on social media platforms. Aka live streaming anything that’s related to cannabis or CBD related. I suffer from Autism disorder’s, but I do not let that stop me in my every day life. I know what I like to do and that’s learning everything I know there is about the benefits of cannabis and I want to be able to share that with everyone and my experiences along the way. I’m always down for new adventures, I travel a lot between Oregon and Washington meeting new people and seeing new sights, making new memories along the way. I love making new friends, it really makes me happy. I also love all of my supporters from periscope and those who have stuck by my side since day one of scope 😛 Tou guys know who you are #teambones ;) But anyways I’m 23 years old into this world we call Earth, I’m a student in college. I live in Oregon, I'm currently living on my own out of my parents house!! Whoosh I never thought that would happen again but it did and I have been so happy making new experiences where I am living at! I’m a vapor too so I have about 2-3 years of vaping experience so I’m always down to learn more things about mods and box mods!

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