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About BooMusic

BooMusic (a/k/a Me, Chris Casper) started out as this idea about always wanting to be in the recording industry after not being able to "break in", get "lucky" (I snuck a demo tape once to David Byrne! LOL!) or have an uncle who was in the business! It was also in as much not wanting to have to answer to anyone about "not hearing a "hit" single" or "that's too "far out" for what you do"! Constraints, limitations, loss of publishing for exposure, being in debt to industry stereotypes who really only give a crap about how they can exploit you & wring every nickle out of you possible until you're so turned off creatively you simply give up...I wanted something I could attempt to "control" to the best extent possible; to create & seek out other like-minded people I could possibly produce & turn others onto seems to be the mission here. My songs are simple & straight forward and I like to meddle in different styles whenever possible. As a writer & multi-instrumentalist of sorts, I'm trying to make some art that people can hopefully relate to & be inspired by in some small way, if possible. I hope whether as an artist or just a music lover you can join me in this journey... 

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