is creating Digital Art, Doge Boob Mousepads & Videogames

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$1 Patrons receive updates and previews for patrons only - they may also receive public updates before they are posted publicly.
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$3 Patrons get to play demos of individual stages from work in progress games.  

You also get access to digital copies of artwork not included in the $1 tier.

Includes $1 Tier rewards.
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All backers who pledge $5 will receive free downloads of my current game when it is ready.  As long as you are a backer, you'll get free download of my current game when it's ready.
This reward also includes the $1 and $3 rewards




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I am a digital artist/game dev, and ecommerce seller. 
However e-com takes a lot of my time giving me less time to create. 
Every little helps!  My dream is to start my own game production ring.
My current projects are a simple 2D mobile game and a much more complex 3D game.

$0 of $50 per month
When we reach this goal, a reward tier for Prints in A2 will become available.
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