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About Boss Cyanide

Hello there, my name is Ray, and im working my way into voice acting.

For years ive been a general goofball that entertains the group with funny quips and voices, and now id like to bring that a professional level, from sales and presentations, to teaching, to character voices for cartoons and video games, and anything in between.
donations toward my page will go toward better equipment like microphones, mixers, soundproofing, software and therefore better and more professional content.... as well as my bills.

Ill happily share with my donors blooper takes from personal projects, as well as bloopers from any professional projects that i am allowed to share with the public, right now there is only a $2 a month to show support, and a $5 level to allow you access to some behind the scenes things that ive recorded thus far, i will upload content to my donors on a monthly basis.

if youd like to contract me for a gig, my contact information can be found below, thank you for listening, and have a wonderful day!

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If i can reach this initial monthly goal, i will be able to fully support myself as a voice actor, and provide more higher quality projects, and more diverse content, as well as more tiers for donors.

i will also be able to start doing my own cartoons again where donors will be featured in credits as thank you.
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