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Earth Rabbit
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Earth rabbits are small cute and Large in number. That being said, EVERY dollar counts, and I am extremely grateful for each and every bun.🐰

Moon Rabbit
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So you've decided to enlisted in the Lunarian army? 

Great!! you will automatically be entered to into the monthly raffle for a free Line art uncolored commission. (one per patron)

Lieutenant Lunarian
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the forementioned monthly ticket and place in the credits of every issue of my comics. 




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About Bouserthedog

I'm an amateur artist working around my day job expiring to make graphic design and animation a full time job.
but I need your help.
rent is high, and my day job is my only means of living. As a promise to my patrons, I pledge to update and bring new content every week.
$0 of $100 per month
I'll set up another channel for live drawings and take requests from the stream.
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