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Dear person reading this,

Hello and thank you for stumbling onto my patreon! I'm Br0lit0 and I've just started this huge endeavor of BUILDING A UNIVERSE! ( Disclaimer: Not an actual physical universe of course. I'm not quite as equipped for that but in terms of a really cool story universe I'm certain I can manage!) It's pretty crazy, I know, but I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't truly believe I'm onto something absolutely beautiful for you all to experience and I'm dead set on doing it anyway so help me (Insert any deity.) I've done the most difficult part and started this thing at square one with little to no content or income. Woo! Good times (No crippling self doubt at all!) But let's move on to talking about why you should trust me with a portion of your currency less than or equal to one fast food combo item a month and what you're getting with it...

If you like a good fantasy book, movie, or game, I'm your guy because those are exactly my end goals here. The entire universe I'm making is going to be brought to life via those mediums. My life's work (and a good portion of parental income) has been spent in the pursuit of  the arts. In being able to materialize my imaginings. Without sounding like a pretentious genitalia about it, I'm not a half bad at what I do, and that's being an artist. So now I'm using my talents and putting it all on the line by making something great with it. I'm creating a universe with a story. Personal time will be invested into using what's in my skill set to make rich characters, incredible beasts, and amazing places. I'll be writing up the lore & histories, drawing maps of worlds, weaving plots and just dedicating hours upon hours into generating these beautiful struggles of epic proportions that we are always swept up in and left wanting to explore. It's been my life's passion to make what's in my head a reality for you all to enjoy and if you're feeling even the faintest crazy itch for what is in store become a patron and I promise you won't be disappointed. Follow along and take part in the creative process, watch and learn from me about how I do my own art, share with the community and do some of your own work, and all the while unlock some sweet content along the way from me personally! So if you decide you want to be a patron I thank you from the bottom of my heart, you're supporting the rise of this new universe. I love you sincerely and I hope you have an awesome time here. If not, stay tuned, you've not seen the last of me or what I'll be producing yet!


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First goals! I'll release a full length tutorial video.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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