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"Art is a way for my mind to express itself and my soul to breathe. It is a way for my world to become reality. My abstract paintings carry significant meaning and presence and they are the entrance to my very being. Join me in the discovery of my art!" - B.L. Stephens

Bre Stephens (BreLee Originals) is an abstract artist who founded Abstract Colorism, an artistic movement that explores color on an intimate level, so as to evoke emotion and feeling in the viewer. This means that each piece is to be felt through the mind and heart rather than seen through the eyes. She creates abstract paintings on multiple surfaces (canvas, mirrors, glass, vases, plaster, CDs, wood) that are no bigger than 24” x 24”. This smaller size allows her to challenge the modern-day belief in overwhelming speed and size. Society has become progressively faster and faster with bigger-than-life imagery as a daily norm. For this reason, she designs her work to be the opposite. If there is one thing that she would like her viewers to do, it would be to “view my work with a slowed tempo, to explore the piece thoroughly, so as to truly get a feel for what’s at work. Most of all, the viewer should remember that my work is devoid of representational objects, which mean that the viewer shouldn’t guess at what’s depicted, but to allow the artwork to permeate their entire body, so as to experience the piece from an innate place of the subconscious.”
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