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I am a Reiki Master and Lightworker, who incorporates multidisciplinary principles into energy healing and clearing. My background in linguistics, psychology and occult knowledge come into play and helps me to precisely pinpoint and clear out the root cause(s) of spiritual and physical DIS-ease(s). I work with Spirit Guides of Higher dimension who guide me throughout the process; not lower dimensional beings, AKA parasitic entities that manifest as physical, emotional and even psychological disorders. 

My abilities help me see energy blocks and spiritual parasites from a distance, which enables me to conduct  thorough remote clearings. I strongly advise my clients to come with an open mind and heart, and to stay away from mentally straining activities as best as they can to better process the clearings and messages that will come through.

My goal is to make spiritual sciences approachable and understandable to those who have never been exposed to spirituality before, and know that The Spirit is there for everyone who seeks enlightenment and help. Help and enlightenment is for everyone and very possible, for those who know how to ask for it. Each contribution will enable me to make introductory videos regarding my work and frequently asked questions of spiritual matters.
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When I reach $3000 per month, I will be able to start a podcast series, YouTube channel and conduct lives on Instagram where I will address common spiritual blockages that everyone should know about, answering brief questions.
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