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I will be posting my videos and general channel updates on the private patreon page, pledge $1 to be apart of this.
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Be apart of a private steam group where you can engage in Dota 2 related talk with me and everyone else in the group.  Will also give shoutouts in a video to everyone (you can be listed as anonymous of course).

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Replay analysis (can be of you, your friend, a pro player, anyone), ALSO added to my friend list where we can talk (Dota 2 related, just chilling, or talking about the replay).

Pledge $20 or more and I'll do a replay analysis of any replay that you want, I could take a look at your play and offer points of improvement (will go in-depth and won't hold back on things that I feel need to be improved, will also mention areas that I feel you're strong in). I could also simply cast any game that you want (does not have to include yourself playing) similar to how I have done the other pub casts on my channel where I discuss both the mistakes and correct plays that players are making, how to actually improve their actions, and just generally casting the game.

I could also take a look at a pro/pubstar replay of a particular hero and analyse their play and break it down to better understand just exactly why they do the actions that they do, to help you/everyone understand (for example I could analyse Arteezy on Ember)

Also added to my friend list where we can talk about anything and you can view my games through client.
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Choose any hero for me to make a gameplay guide for (replay style where I go in-depth on everything, but can just be live commentary if you want).  Can be a hero that I have covered before.




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About Bren Dota

Hey everyone, I'm Bren and I create Dota 2 content such as full gameplay guides, live commentaries, analysis videos, casts, etc.

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My upload speed isn't the best currently so if I want to stream with good quality I have to endure a bit of lag, it's not enough to make it so that I never stream but it is enough that it makes playing Dota 2 while streaming extremely unpleasant, faster speeds would mean I can upload videos faster aswell.
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