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About Brendan Milburn

Here's why you want to be my patron...

I have always wanted to do this. To make a song a week. But I have been too afraid.

I’m halfway through my life, and I’m choosing to stop being afraid.

I’m through with being afraid of:
  • what other people think of me.
  • saying or doing the wrong thing.
  • not measuring up to other people’s standards.
  • writing a bad song.
  • playing a lousy solo.
  • cooking a mediocre breakfast for my extraordinarily-picky-eater son.
  • failure.
In addition to the foregoing, I’m choosing to divest of myself of a bazillion other fears that I can’t think of at the moment.

I have come to realize that I don’t have time to waste anymore and I have a lot of things to make and say and do before I go, and I’m finally ready to start making and saying and doing them.

I mean, what are we all waiting for, anyway? The right time to come along?

Life is short. Make things. Kiss your kids. Ask that girl out on a date. Break everything apart and rebuild it better if you have to.

Throw me a buck or two if you like what I'm making. And go out there and be fearless.
$149 of $250 per song
If y'all are giving me $250 per song (and I'm keeping up the song-a-week plan), then I can buy groceries for me and my family! Woot!
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