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About BrentFitzpatrickFineArt

Hi. Thanks a million for reading this intro for my plein air project. As a painter I believe passionately that everyone can draw and paint. The  process involved in creating a beautiful work of art is within everyone’s grasp. So often in our digital world we are lead to lead a passive existence. Somehow, we are nothing but consumers of content and not able to create our own authentic art. Incorrect! I would like to start a Patreon site that encourages people to get outside, away from the digital screens, and draw or paint something that really moves them! To interpret and express the amazing colors and forms that they perceive. It’s not difficult, I assure you! Well, it is, sort of. But, like everything worthwhile, it takes some practice, and the results are well worth it. I’ll update this later. again, thanks so much for taking the time to check out my page and artwork.