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About Bret Taylor

For a long time now, I’ve been wanting to paint on things like skateboard decks and guitars. What magnified this desire recently was several visits to the Juxtapoz + Superflat show at the Vancouver Art Gallery. There was a wall of painted skateboards by GATS (Graffiti Against the System), and I was completely mesmerized.

One day while it was snowing here in Vancouver, I was listening to Sublime, and finally figured out a theme. Summertime is a pretty broad concept, so I’m thinking pictures of turntables, guitars and amps, VW Beetles and lowrider convertibles, curvy pinup girls on rollerskates, palm trees. In addition to decks and guitars, I’ll paint on brightly-coloured liquor bottles.

I’ve got the branding figured out, and I’ve mocked up a concept for the bottles (I’m still sourcing skateboard decks and guitars). This is a bit of an artistic detour for me, so I’ll need time to sort details out, and material costs will undoubtedly be higher than they've been for previous shows.

Which is where you come in, hopefully. I'm looking for patrons to help fund this show and bring my vision for it to life (see the Rewards sidebar for more details).
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Things I need: 
  • Skateboard decks.
  • Used (electric) guitars.
  • Supplies: ink, paint, non-photo blue pencils, spraypaint, glitter, Tri-Art Liquid Mirror, masking tape.
  • A marketing budget.
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