Brianna Remus

is creating inspirational and empowerment-based podcasts and self-help books
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About Brianna Remus

Brianna is a Florida-based writer with a personal development book set to be published in 2019. She is also writing an epic fantasy novel and is hopeful to have it published in 2020.

Brianna graduated from the University of Central Florida with her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology. She recently completed her Master's Degree on route to her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. Her training in psychology has ranged from neuropsychological assessment, trauma treatment, and cardiovascular psychology. Throughout her educational endeavors, she has realized her true passion of passing knowledge onto others via teaching and guiding motivated individuals to achieving their highest level of personal success.

She utilizes her podcast, Polish the Tarnish, to provide inspirational content to those who are wanting to enhance their lives. Her ultimate goal is to develop a coaching program that guides people through the process of facing their fears to live a fulfilled life. Stay tuned for more information regarding her coaching program as it will be released at the end of 2019.

Brianna has an additional podcast, Writers' Woes, where she discusses all things writing. She takes you on her personal journey of writing books and provides tips she has learned along the way. 

Outside of her writing and scholarly ventures, Brianna is a CrossFit athlete and runner who enjoys pushing her mental and physical strength to the limit. She is also the proud mother to three doggies and one kitty. Thankfully, her husband is her number one supporter and they enjoy cooking together, playing Dungeons and Dragons (total nerds), and spending time outdoors.

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