Brigitte Lindholm

is creating Minecraft maps
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About Brigitte Lindholm

my goal is to recreate every single overwatch map in minecraft with as accurate detail as I can for all to enjoy. I also hope to eventually put all the maps in one world and make it so that people can play actual overwatch in minecraft. (Just an FYI even if I were to work on making these maps full time it still would be a while before playing overwatch in minecraft would be a thing.) When I'm not working on overwatch maps I hope to recreate the entire world of the lord of the rings using Mevans lord of the rings mod.
All maps that I make will be released to the public for them to do anything with that they please except for using them to make money or re-uploading them as their own work.
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If I can make at least $1000 dollars a month from patreon and other sources then I can make minecraft maps full time which means more time to work on maps which means maps get released more often
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