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is creating gut wrenching, kick you in the ass, honest music.
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You are so great and wonderful and kind for pledging your hard earned dollars to me. Thank you times a billion.
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Ah! FIVE DOLLARS?? What are you thinking?!!? That's too much, really! But who am I to stop you. You get dibs on request nights!
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Okay, you've really lost your mind. I am but a lowly bard, in need of patronage. Not actual GOLD. Anyway, for this I will gift you a letter where I tell you a secret. An actual secret.



About Brit Rodriguez

Hi guys!

My name is Brit and I do music things! For the past two years I've released tons of videos, recordings, live streams, and more. This year, I'd like to do the same thing (but MORE) with your help. 

Patreon is an awesome platform where artists can release their work exclusively to the people who support them. I've loved this idea from the start and I feel like I'm finally in a place to give y'all lots of cool things! 

You can pledge for as little as a dollar a month. I chose monthly pledges because I tend to do so much every week that it only makes sense. 

Along with all the other stuff I'm working on (two EPs, music videos, photo shoots, articles, podcasts, live streams, a music program for the Ronald McDonald House, and a TOUR), I want to say thank you to my patrons by having monthly Q&A's, ukulele lessons, live stream concerts, exclusive recordings, and everything that I release a DAY early. 

I might also have some stuff to give away. Who knows. I don't have a huge cardboard box in my room that I've been quiet about.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to read all this and listen to me over these past few years. I appreciate it with all of my pieces.

xo Brit
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A Special Live Stream Concert!
This will be just for my patrons! You pick out the songs, I play 'em. And record them with my cool Shure mic. And give them to you! YAY.

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