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I am Brittany Nacole. I am a singer/songwriter/artist from Lima and Columbus Ohio. I now live in Chicago where I am recording music,performing, and chasing my dreams. I dropped my first project in January of 2015. It was my EP titled "Daydream" It was released on soundcloud and I gained a lot of recognition and fans through out the Chicago area and even out of state. I am now working on my Debut Album "Earf Gurl". This album is written from my experiences and things that I've felt and been through, and who I have grown into in the last two years of my life. The album was set to release fall of 2016 but I ran into some financial issues and set backs which caused for me to push the Album release back to Late winter. I do plan on having a couple music videos drop soon to prepare my fans while they endure this long wait for "Earf Gurl"  I want to thank everyone who have listened to and supported my music, those who have showed love and stayed by my side with my movement I am trying to make in the music world today. I want you all to know I love you all and I continue to write and make music for you. To connect, to share, and to spread love. Peace. Listen to Brittany Nacole on Soundcloud!
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Once I hit $1000, I will be able to take that and use it wisely and flip it and invest in my project "Earf Gurl" $1000 is enough to help me finish the Album and promotion for it and at least 2 music videos. After that point my music and art and who I am as an artist will be seen and will make a significant impact on everyone who is a fan and have been along on this journey with me. I am 100% certain this project is the one that will take off and take me to much higher places in my music career. I also will gain more fans as my music spreads all over, and I will be able to successfully share my music and art with everyone to spread positive messages , love, knowledge, and to be someone my fans can look up to and relate to.
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