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if you donate 5 dollars you will be able to get on my teamspeak and talk to me on there and have a higher chance of being in one of my youtube videos
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About BroghanTaylor

Hey I’m Broghan! Some fun facts are that I love to act, I play guitar and piano, and I sing. I have an unhealthy obsession with all things Disney; most of all Snow White. I also like musicals, bows, Harry Potter, Dr who, pandas, and anything that SPARKLES!!!!!!!! Some of the things I am most proud of that I have won include when I was Voted Miss Personalty at the National American Miss in 07, the Miss Congeniality title in the Miss South Jersey Pageant in 08, the Miss Galloway title for the State of New Jersey in the National American Miss pageant for 2010, Winning a place in the top ten at National out of the whole country, and Lastly the Miss Sellersburg title in 2011. Im hyper and bubbly and kinda a dumb blond but get over it cuz well its me and my friends like me for me

Im not working right now due to back problem so im trying to make it playing games :) and any support would be amazing <3

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