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is creating Themed D&D Podcasts, Creative Writing, Woodcarving
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You would not believe the things I think up.  Just $1 a month gives you full access to my rants, raves and ridiculousness here on Patreon.
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  • A big "thank you" from me!
  • Also, the option to listen into any campaigns with email alerts before the game starts! 
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  • Access to the Patron custom D&D game The Bronze Traitor as a Player Character
  • This setting will have 4 players, have two sessions each lasting two hours, and will be set in a fantasy world of our own creation.
  • Your names in the credits of the podcast! Or nickname. Whatever.
  • This Tier is only for those who desire to play in the online campaign setting. 




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About Jesse Duvall

Hello! Some of you know me, and many many more do not. 
My name is Jesse Duvall, and I AM A HUGE NERD. 
But being a huge nerd is only fun if you can share it with other people, and good gods do I want to share the things I love with people. 
Only problem is my spine does not like me to do things most of the time! Disabled and hard to find work, I come before you as a nerd selling off his time and energy to you (maybe) other nerds.
If you join me on this journey you can expect original Dungeons and Dragons experiences on a weekly basis, exciting pop culture themed woodworking projects when I can get myself around to them, and of course my undying love and gratitude. 

Honestly, I hope to bring you joy in this pursuit. I hope to use a game that I love as a vehicle to express interesting ideas and thoughts that we can discuss and grow with. 

I hope we have fun, together. 
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With a sensible goal of $250 per month, I will be able to provide more patrons with customized roleplaying game sessions.  I am currently limited to the number of people I can run games for, due to other work requirements, as well as family time.
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