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Chat access and a mini print of your choice mailed every month OR 3cr/month.
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Welcome to BronyHouse's Online Print Service

We have been providing high quality art prints by artists from around the world to many East coast Brony conventions for the past two years. Many visitors to our Gallery have mentioned how they would love to order prints online. At the same time, Brony convention attendance is contracting and it is getting difficult to cover the travel expenses to attend conventions. We are creating this Patreon page to attempt to satisfy both the public's desire for online print sales, and also subsidize our convention travel expenses. If we can meet our goals, we will be able to visit conventions in different parts of the country and/or smaller conventions that would be financially risky otherwise. Online sales also benefit our artists; since there is much less overhead, they will receive a larger commission per print sold (compared to sales made at conventions)!

We are a striving non-profit. This means that no BronyHouse staff member expects or desires to make money. All funds raised here will go to paying the artists (commission per print sold), overhead (ink, paper, shipping) and expenses (convention travel, startup costs, printer upkeep). Once startup costs are paid, artist commissions will increase!

Here's the current print list! Most of the artists shown there have given us permission to sell all of their works, so if you know of an image by one of the artists, but it isn't in the folder, chances are we can get it for you!

All our support tiers get you Credits (cr) which can be redeemed for prints, either at-con or for shipping direct to you! Credits accumulate every month you're a patron, so you can save them up for something big! Each credit is worth $1 for prints and shipping.
  • 3cr = 1 2x3 Badge or 1 Mini (4x6) print including shipping
  • 5cr = 1 4x6 Badge or 2 Mini (4x6) or 1 Small (8.5x11) print
  • 10cr = 1 Medium (11x14, 11x17, 12x12) print
  • 15cr = 1 Large (13x19) print
  • 20cr = 1 Huge (17x22) print
If you're supporting at the $25 or higher level, you get some FREE credits! This brings the cost per credit down as a thank-you for your larger patronage.

Please note: Shipping is NOT included (except for mini prints). If you elect to pick up at a convention we attend, it's free! Otherwise, shipping costs will be deducted from your balance. Ex: If it costs $6.40 to ship to your home, you will need to have 6.4cr available in addition to the cost of prints. Additionally, since we offer free credits with higher support tiers, our usual convention bundle offer of X prints for $25 deal does not apply when using credits, but you can get the same deal by pledging $25 or more per month. Thanks for your understanding!

You're not limited to the price tiers listed. If you add more money to the pledge, we'll give you the extra in credits. Adjust as needed for whatever you need the extra for :) If you'd like to donate to just help us out, simply let your credits accumulate. We'll probably ask you what your intentions are after a couple months and you can let us know then!

Billing takes place on the 1st of the month. Unfortunately this means you will have to wait until the 1st of the next month to order prints. If you'd like this changed please let us know!
$0 of $275 per month
After taking out supplies and artist payments, this will cover our startup costs in two years.
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