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Sparkling Star
per month
 You are now a Star recruit, part of the Shimmering Galaxy Army. I thank you for the support and welcome you int the Shimmering Galaxy
Sparkling Perks -

I thank you again for your support, and hope to talk to you soon on my stream.

  • Verbal shout out on the stream 
  • 5000 extra Stardust
Includes Discord benefits
Soldier Star
per month
  Congratulations, you have become a true Soldier within the Shimmering Galaxy. Supporting me and the stream, I thank you greatly. 

Soldier Perks -

I thank you again for your support, and hope to talk to you soon, stand tall my soldiers.  

  • All of the perks from the Recruit Tier
  • Your own !Command in chat
  • Join us as our prioritized guest speaker on Drink&Chat on Fridays
Includes Discord benefits
Space Cowboy
per month
 Oh mighty warrior you have become a Space Cowboy! I salute you and thank you for the support. I have nothing but love towards you! 

Space Cowboy Perks -

Thank you for your support, be a voice for the Shimmering Galaxy! 

  • All of the perks from the Previous Tiers
  • Be added to my friend lists to play multiplayer games.
  • Sent a personal note written by me [Addresses will be kept confidential]
  • Be placed on the Round Table.


Includes Discord benefits




per month

About BrookeVerse

If you are on this page then you are thinking of subscribing to me and my stream. If this is true, I thank you greatly. I love all my viewers [My Shining Stars], but this subscription really does help me greatly and I do not expect it but really appreciate it! Most money earned on this stream goes back into the stream to make it better for you the viewers.
$0 of $150 per month
When I reach this goal I will be doing a big giveaway to say thank you! Prize to be announced! 
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