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About BrotherSister

We are BrotherSister the (in)famous siblingstreamers!

Just a brother and sister who love playing games and love being siblings.

We have been gamers our entire lives. Introduced at a young age to gaming by our nerdy uncles with reinforcement by geeky cousins, gaming is in our blood.

Some of our earliest memories are actually of our dad sneaking into our room late at night to play Sega Genesis while he thought we were asleep. Silly daddy.

We wanted to start a channel primarily for us to stay in touch. Though we live far away from each other, we never wanna grow apart. This crazy digital age we live in has radically changed the ways we can do relationships, and for that we are thankful.

In terms of our game choices, it would be easy to play all the new and popular games. I’m sure many of you are doing just that (and let’s not kid ourselves, we’re playing them too!) but we wanted a space for us to go back and relive some of our favorites, and perhaps your favorite, childhood gaming memories. Games are a visual medium, full of wonderful images, and magical moments, ripe for memory-making! Join us on our fun-loving journey to remember, recreate, or just plain remix some of the greatest 90’s games of all time.

We call our followers siblings because we are all one big Gamer family. Some of you are brothers, some sisters, and some are just happy being siblings. So if you play with us, you're family. Capiche?
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