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About Bruce Brooks

Hello! My name is Bruce Brooks.I am the owner/ founder of Interactive Radio started on Oct.07,2008 this is a fun,positive and a Informative show like No other we have topics such as health , life, relationships, Business , finances etc. Our Listeners can play games on my Live Radio Show , also we give away Free Gift Cards to the Winners on the show .We have had local and celebrity guest on as well .We hope you will support this show you will be glad you did at the end of the show you will sign off as something you learned or Motivated you to push through your goals and dreams every thing that you do to help us continue this Broadcast is very very Appreciated.
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Interactive Radio is a Non Profit 501c3
Radio Station founded by Bruce Brooks on Oct.7,2008.He has a vision of taking Radio to a New Level by promoting good music and positive information INTERACTIVE RADIO is true to the core Radio we provide quality entertainment content that speaks directly to the Audience providing Breaking News,Celebrity/Local Interviews and original programs around music,T.V. Movies and more INTERACTIVE RADIO is a Digital Connection for people of America and foreign countries.We provide content that informs,entertains,inspires and is Revelant to their lives.Our site is 100% focused on serving America and all of their interest.We NEED your help in DONATIONS to Expand for better equipment,web develpers,employees,air time, web site,telephone,marketing/production,other expenses etc. and much more please give what ever you can it will be greatly appreciated also here is our site for you to visit go to
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