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About Brute Norse

Go­ðan dag. My name is Eirik, I am a writer, educator, and bona fide Old Norse Philologist. My blog and podcast, Brute Norse, is all about exploring the world and legacy of ancient and medieval Scandinavia. I write articles, rants and reviews, often spiced with my personal takes on art, culture and counter-culture, and the role of history in our dizzy society.
With Brute Norse I aim to see beyond the corny stereotypes and all the basic stuff, hoping to plug a gaping hole in the presentation of Scandinavian history and literature, and to raise awareness about the importance of old things in our daily lives.

Writing and producing content costs a lot of time, and a little money, but a man has to eat. There is nothing I would love more than to work with Brute Norse full-time. Your pledge not only helps me cover maintenance and production costs, material for new content, but also paves way for content I normally couldn't write due to the grim constraints of time and money.

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