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About Bryan McDowell

I could use your help making our home a better place.   

I've dedicated a large portion of my life over the past 18 months to giving back, through volunteerism and activism, to several of our East Texas communities.  I have done a lot of work within the secular community through the development and oversight of a non-profit organization that currently represents nearly 1000 people in the area.  Secular Humanist Society of East Texas has been responsible for benefit concerts, fundraisers, blood drives, human rights activism, the first secular convention in East Texas, and, equally important, it's become an amazing home for a tight knit family. (

As previously mentioned, Freethought 2014 was the first secular convention held in East Texas and was an incredible success from the get-go.  The event was held at SFASU in Sept. 2014, featured a fantastic lineup of speakers, and sold nearly 300 tickets. (Freethought 2014 Talks)

In October 2014, the Nacogdoches community learned the KKK were planning a Fall meeting/cross burning in Nacogdoches.  In response, a group of concerned individuals met and discussed courses of action.  In a beautiful act of humanity, it was decided we ignore the hate group and hold a diversity rally at our courthouse instead.  Over 300 members of the community came out, held signs in support, and marched through town to a local park to hear speakers discuss racism and hope for the future.  This event birthed Diversifying Nacogdoches, ran by a close group of friends with the intent to make our community more accepting of diversity and eliminate racism, homophobia, misogyny, etc. 

These are but the highlights, and I desperately want to continue my efforts.  Unfortunately, it's extremely difficult to voluntarily preside over organizations, organize events, etc. when you have to work excessive hours just to get by.  At the moment I have 6 organizations and 2 major events I am prepared to unveil and assist with that will support the secular community on state and local levels, local human rights activism (LGBT rights, pro-diversity groups/events), animal rights, park improvements and beautification, and more.  

Your assistance allows these to come to fruition which in turn can create countless opportunities for people to give and receive help.  Anything you can entrust is greatly appreciated and will be put to good use. 

Thank you,

Bryan McDowell

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Monthly giveaways (at least once a month) can resume for ETAHH.  This group did several giveaways through 2014 with great success.  It's been inactive this year, but with your help, can get back up and running.
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