Bryan Christopher Moss

is creating Fine Art and Comics

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My goal is to to dedicate as much of my time into personal projects, both fine arts and comics.  I wear plenty of hats in this market which leaves very little space for any purely original content.  As a comic creator, my intentions rely in serving those who haven't a voice, those who are marginalized. My work in the comic medium is to communicate those oppressed, and often-times, silenced voices.  My goal for this would, of course, be to further continue this narrative - serving as a conduit for these communities and their experiences - but working larger and working louder.  As a painter, I utilize the craft to express a fantastical and sublime interpretation of my own personal narrative.  My paintings are certainly more parallel to my personal experiences, but are not directed to any specific audience or age demographic.  My goal is to make my stories even more accessible and to continue educating those, old and young, of the methodical, meticulous (and often-times, misunderstood) craft of painting. There is definitely a fine line between what I do as a comic book artist and what I do as a painter.  There is potential to overlap the two.  Building up my resources for a successful execution of that project, I would consider, another goal.
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