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Hello! My name is Bryton Cherrier, I write, I make videos, I make music, and I talk politics, religion, cryptocurrencies, tech, etc. I currently live in Vancouver with my roommates by living off disability funding, but as you see from my main goal I hope to at least reach $500 per video so I can officially live completely on my own and consider all of those things I just mentioned above as my full time job. 

I've been recently getting into cryptocurrencies, studying religion, investing in tech, and I love teaching history by explaining things to others, hence my series Explained In Minutes on YouTube. I very much love and care about music and plan to be a musician, in the meantime I review and talk about music in general through my show called Music Talk. I also enjoy watching a movie once in a while, so why not watch a film and review it right afterwards? That's where my show called Reaction And Review comes in, a series where I give a completely unscripted review the movie as soon as I'm done watching it.

Your help and support goes to not just my videos, but my other projects as well. So you as a supporter can make sure we can have the most success out there!
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I can officially have enough money live on my own and consider the projects I do (writing, music, Youtube, politics, etc,) my job and not my hobby.
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