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For anything over 100$ I will personally send you a "Thank You!" letter, along with a diploma acknowledging that you are indeed, a proud supporter of Bstylestuff, as well as any photo from my Flickr page printed in A4 size and signed by me. If you want, PM me and we can do a live video together. Of course, I will also make a "Thank You" video, if you are ok with it.




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Hey there!

This is me, Trofin Gabriel Bogdan.

What do I do?


-Short Films

Video games:
I have a few work in progress projects, from Browser based, to Android and PC

Who am I?

A young guy that loves dreams and ideals. I am the kind of guy you might see across the street jumping around and singing along with the wind, the kind of guy that is only concerned with what is important or relevant to him or his friends, because after all, life is short and I do feel like we must all make the most of it: Let go of the child inside you, free yourself from the grasp of society standards, challenge the rules and live life as you may, as long as you are not hurting others. We are not real. Life is not real. Nothing is real. WE are the ones making it real through experience, feelings, hopes and dreams. In the grand scheme of things, we are all meaningless. Nobody will remember us, given enough time. The only way to really have a reason to live, the only way to live forever is through the things we do, through the things we create, through the ones we teach, help and support. My role in life is other people. For example, I do magic tricks to inspire the minds of others, to create a little fun mystery in their lives, I do photography for the same reason. I work on a video game and hope to make many more in order to grant others the joy, excitement and happiness I have been granted by others through their games. I do not expect my name to be remembered, but I hope my work will one day inspire others because, as a species, our single most important duty is the one towards the next generation.

Why would you help me? Because you might like what I do or because you might think I should provide a better quality.

What do I intend to use your money for?
In each category I have a different use: In photography, I'd invest in traveling to beautiful places so that I may show you "new worlds". As of now, I only do photography as a hobby, so I make no money off of it.

In cooking and vlogging, I would get better equipment (for lights and sound), so that I might provide better video and audio quality.

In gaming I would be able to buy newer games to play for your enjoyment and a capture card so that I may capture footage from my consoles too.

As for short movies, I would be able to pay the actors I need to film them.
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With 10$ I will make English subtitles for all of my current YouTube Videos (The originals are in Romanian) and record all the new ones in both languages
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