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About BtheDestroyer

I'm a college student majoring in computer science and game design. I've experience with a few game engines (Unity, Clickteam Fusion, Pico-8) and multiple programming languages (C/C++, C#, Lua, Python, Javascript). I recently started making video tutorials that focus on both the basics of programming and the low-level functionality of software. My main goal in doing so is to provide an informative and approachable entrance to programming for those who may be interested.

Though, I reached a problem. Being an enrolled student taking 20+ credits per semester, I've usually come to the decision of either releasing games to earn money or make tutorials and go through a system like Patreon (that's here!) for monetary support. Currently, I'm aiming for 1 video every weekend.

Obviously, as game development is my passion I won't be stopping that. As a reward to higher tier patrons, I'll be giving free copies of my work as well as special bonuses. Even higher than that, I always love to talk about potential design and would love your input on current projects!

For a history of my game development experience as well as the series so far, check out my website.
C/C++ Tutorial:
Academic Work:
Game Jams:

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$60/month equals ~$15/video. As each video takes around an hour to write, record, and package, that means I'd be making around minimum wage.
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