Nikson aka Bud Nixon

is creating 4x4, Overland, Adventure and Restoration Videos
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About Nikson aka Bud Nixon

I'm on a journey to create and build various projects, taking you along on adventures of my life weather its a restoration project or another outdoors trip to the beautiful backcountry in Oregon or another state where travel takes me and you as a viewer.
Let share the adventure together, no matter where we are!
$9 of $10,000 per month
Leave all behind, and go full-time... With this goal reached, I will be able to leave my day-time work, and just submerse full-time into creating more meaningful content for the viewers.

Full-time training and consulting for off-road and overland community, provide classes to the new incoming crowd, grow larger then ever before.

Be able to offer a once-a-month trip with one of the lucky patron, who is ready to join the weekend adventure, weather it is on a 4x4 or on a snowcat.

Provide more meaningful review of the gear being used, have necessary tools to build more cool projects, be able to have a co-pilot/second hand video camera guy to have more pro-style videos from more than just one angle.
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