is creating Digital art, and whatever Bugsy feels like making (Like music)
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The awesome people who pledged to my Patreon!

These dudes earn my special thanks and access to most image-based content!

Thank you for supporting my work :3

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For the people who pledge to my patreon early in this account's journey. Thank you, supporters! :3

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You guys are the best for helping my page grow at such a young age!

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Every month, I can feel the collective hugs from my Hugs for Bugs Squad! >u<

These dudes get access to all my video game test demos, music and image content. (Actual game demos are a different story, since I don't plan on making a full game yet.)

Thankies doods!

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About Bugsy

Hey guys!
I'm Bugsy, or Dan if you prefer. I'm a casual artist and I'm also working on multiple different platforms so I can develop music and animations as well. I will also be making little video game test demos as practice for game development, pretty fluent in GML but I like to experiment.
Right now, I don't have much to show but I hope to develop a sort of mini career in arts and design here on Patreon as well as further developing my skills in creative media.
I am dedicated to this page though so expect some great content coming your way!

Thank you to everyone who has visited my page.
Special thanks to my patrons.
Lets all go forth on this adventure together!

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500 patrons!
At this number, I will have a special thank you drawing ready and maybe something else to go with it! :3
Lets see if we can make this number (\(O.O)/)
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