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Thank you for your pledge! It is much appreciated. You can now get early access to all of my videos, and participate in all of my patreon activities. These include, but are not limited to, polls, patreon only videos, early access, and my community page.

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Now you can get your name at the end of all of my videos after the October 26 2019. I really appreciate the support!

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You are honestly a legend! I really appreciate it! You can get all of the previous stuff as well as a thank you video, and your channel will be linked in my channels section.




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About Bujju

I make music on my YouTube Channel. I am best known for my These Broken Bones, and F.U.N. Song Covers. Since I make covers mostly, My videos are usually under 10 minutes, and might need to be disputed before I can make money from them, so I need this Patreon to help buy all of the video supplies
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I will start making more types of videos.
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