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Hello there! and Welcome!

An Introduction

Hi! i'm Neomance, the developer of Bullet Hell Community. I'm a computer science graduate and independent game developer as of July 2017. I'm also an avid gamer, clocking in thousands of hours in games, currently playing mainly Dota2 with a preference towards games which reward players with experience and skill. My current goal is to go full time as an independent developer and finish Bullet Hell Community.

This is my first game project, development started over a year ago and i've been working on it since. A friend of mine joined the project in April of this year and he's been helping out from time to time and is now on vacation. However doing this for a year now without any pay is not a very feasible long term option and also now that the project has finally reached a comfortable state, i'd like to request for help monetary wise to fund the future of my development. 

If you aren't able to join my patreon that's completely fine too, you can always help development by giving your feedback or just generally sharing the game with others. I'm looking to start building my community of people interested in the games i want to make and garner support for future projects. Come along with me on my journey as i grow to create bigger and better games in the future!

Current Projects:

Bullet Hell Community

Don't have any coding experience!? Want to create a bullet hell!? WELL NOW YOU CAN!

Bullet Hell Community is a free to use game and engine where players will be able to create bullet hell 'games/maps' as well as compete with each other on those maps to achieve highscores.

You will be able to!
- Create any enemy that you may have seen from popular bullet hell games
- Drop those enemies into a 'map' that'll play out for the players that try it
- Battle for highscores with other players on that 'map'
- Converse with other players on the bullet hell community platform
- Create a centralized community of bullet hell players all creating/competing and growing on a single platform!

Currently the project stands as a prototype enemy editor where players are able to create and save basic enemies, the baseline goal i'm using is to be able to replicate any enemy from the popular bullet hell 'touhou'

I'm now looking for feedback on how to refine and progress the functionalities of this editor from you guys! so some down to the discord and give your suggestions/feedback/bugs/complaints ← Bullet Hell Community Discord

Future Goals include
- Perfecting the functionality of the enemy editor
- Fix the horrible looking UI (SOMEONE HELP)
- Provide a space to deploy enemies to be fought
- Go multiplayer! providing a place to download people's creations

Where will your money go?

For a start i'd like to achieve enough to stop worrying my parents

Look towards hiring someone to work with for this and future projects
$0 of $50 per month
This will cover my expenses out of home so i don't need to keep relying on my parents for cash, it's a great start
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