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  • HD Digital artwork created for my channel
  • Mp3 Downloads : Ringtones, Alarms, Podcasts
  • Access to Patreon Only Videos (unused content and previous patreon QNA videos) 
  • Take part in Patreon only QNA's which are hosted when able!

Discord Rewards

  • Patreon Bronze Bunny Role in my Discord Server 
  • Access to VIP text channels in my discord server 
Includes Discord rewards
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All of the above rewards PLUS 

Special Discord Role : Silver Patreon Bunny 

+  VIP Discord Voice channel 

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- You can self promote in my Discord server in #Creators-Promotions


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About Bunny Voices

Who am I?
I am a content creator, voice actress, and gamer. I create Dragon Ball Content on my "Bulma Bunny" Channel and Sonic The Hedgehog Content on my "Tails and Sonic Pals" Channel. 

Why I started Patreon?

Originally I needed help with making youtube my full time career and thanks to my supporters here that has been made possible. If you would like to support me during my youtube journey I would be very grateful. I've set up special rewards for my patrons so make sure you check out the rewards section. 

When do I receive my rewards?
Patreon only content: Available immediately after first pledge. 
Discord Rewards : Enabled automatically as long as you have linked your Patreon and Discord account 

What happens if I want to cancel my pledge?

You will no longer have discord rewards or access to patreon content here so you may wish to download some things here for future enjoyment whilst you are a patron. 

Please note you will be charged upfront the first time you pledge. 

Thanks for your time! 
Bulma Bunny XoXoXoX 
$218 of $500 per month

To offer cool rewards to dedicated fans and to keep improving the quality of my content! 
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