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Thanks for your support!
We express our thanks with a digital thank-you card and:
Access to our Patreon feed, where we get to personally connect with each other and you receive advance notice of all posts!
Plus random behind-the-scenes extras, like rehearsal videos.

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Thanks for your support!
We express our thanks with a digital thank-you card and:
Access to our Patreon feed, where we get to personally connect with each other and you receive advance notice of all posts!
Random behind-the-scenes extras, like rehearsal videos.
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About Burning Mountain (Siobhan and Matt)

For the spirit of adventure!
For the growth and development of the art form.

Welcome to Patreon! It's is like a continuous Kickstarter campaign that lets you support artists on an ongoing basis. Think of it like a subscription to a magazine. Check out this video (it's only a 1 min long) to see how it works: https://youtu.be/wH-IDF809fQ


Now, who are you folks?

We are professional actors, fight directors and fight instructors with over 40 years experience in these fields between us. We're also huge nerds with deep love for science-fiction, fantasy and martial arts. We are thrilled to be pursuing careers which allow us to be steeped in them day after day.

What’s your goal?
Our primary mission is to create quality action for stage and film. Sometimes we're performing, sometimes we're directing. We also do this by teaching other people to do what we do. Have a look through our blog!

And, what is that you do, precisely?
We create fight scenes, on stage and screen. This one won an award at CombatCon in LasVegas:

or check out some other examples here:

Isn’t that just martial arts?
Not quite. Our art form is dependent on character and storytelling. We’ve truly done our job when you find yourself caring about who wins or loses, or when you want to know more about what happens to these people and this situation.

Plus, the fight director's first priority is to create movement that is safe and repeatable, while still looking like violence. It has to look like a fight, but at the same time the actors have to be able to do it again for the next take or in the next show.

That said, we create scenes that are martially viable. That means that the actions could actually happen. Some people make choreography by stringing drills together. We prefer to create scenes that are full of tactics and the characters' moment-to-moment emotional involvement. We choreograph specific stylistic choices by drawing upon martial arts, whether Eastern or Western, historical or contemporary. With all that work put into the creating of the scene, we prefer filming styles that showcase the performers' skills: no shaky-cam here. We're also not interested in CGI, intense visual effects, wire work... Just two actors and a camera.

How do you do it?
On the teaching front, our blog that has already been helping people worldwide to prepare for their performance opportunities and workshops. Every 4 to 6 months we have enough resources (mostly time and money) to create a short film featuring a fight. Every 18 months or so we make a film that gets submitted to film festivals. And once in a blue moon, we produce a play. By putting these creations and information out into the world, we make them available to everyone who is interested and, ideally, draw people towards this kind of work. Stage combat is not well known, and many people don't realize that it's important to have a fight director involved whenever there's some kind of violence in the story. Every time we hear about incidents like this where actors are getting hurt because there was no fight director present, our passion for producing great work and for educating is renewed.

We love what we do, but it doesn't always allow us to make a living wage.

And that’s where you come in. Your support as a patron on Patreon allows us to continue to pursue our mission and our acting/fight directing careers, while keeping a roof over our swords and our heads!

To be clear, we will continue to create and educate regardless of how much patronage we receive. But the more direct support we get, the more focus we can put into our creative projects, and the less time we spend on day jobs and stretching our dollars to pay our bills.

So what exactly would I be supporting?
We're glad you asked!
With your support, we'll be able to create more frequently and reach more people!

Through the blog, you’re supporting hundreds of artists in this field around the world. So many people in this line of work have inconsistent access to workshops or fight lessons. With your help, they will have access to new information, suggested workouts or new training drills every week!

With regards to short films, your pledges would go towards the following:
  • costumes
  • purchasing period-specific weapons that we don't already own
  • extra food and dietary supplements for shoot days (it's exhausting work!)
  • a make-up person for minor effects like bruising and bleeding
  • transportation to locations
  • rehearsal space for scenes with styles that take up more space or require larger casts

In addition, every month we can tuck away more money to fund the development and production of our pet project: a full production and international tour of a new play. Plus, sometimes The Right People see these posts, which opens doors to new employment opportunities with directors or producers who previously hadn’t known who we are. “Work begets work,” as they say.

Your support means that we’re able to post more and more good work, and contribute to the proliferation of better practices in the professional world.

One more detail to clear up:
Pledges are per post, however, you can also set a limit per month so you only pay what fits in your monthly budget, no matter how many posts we make (at the moment we’re aiming for one a week).

Every dollar makes a big impact. HUGE thank you for choosing to support us!

By the way, we’ve just started on Patreon, so we’re still learning. There will be adjustments as we go, so thank you for bearing with us during our growing pains!

$11 of $25 per post
The first pledges help to get the word out there that we are on Patreon. Thank you for being a part of it.
This level also contributes a small amount to our internet, hosting and studio fees.
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