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Good show old boy
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 Thank you kind sir for your donation,You have my thanks,If you would care to pop my my facebook page id be happy to hear your ideas for future videos or just chat airsoft!




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Right then you orrible lot Burntwolf Airsoft here!It seems you have stumbled upon my Patreon page,and a jolly fine one it is to!

When im not attempting to invade France,im drinking fine scotch in front of the fire,but when im not doing that im making videos for you tube,trying to help out all you fine folks that play or have recently started playing air soft

Any donations towards the war effort would greatly be appreciated 

As a Englishmen i pledge that all donations provided will go towards making more Airsoft content,I wont go frittering it all away on Large amounts of tea or unscrupulous ladies that show to much ankle at the swimming baths!

Iv only set one donation level,as i think its abit cheeky asking for more and iv not got much to offer.

For those who would like to support the channel in other ways,my channel patches are on sale through my facebook page


Anyway regardless of donations, Thanks for Visting i hope my videos continue to help and entertain.

....At Ease
$0 of $350 per month
If i achieve this goal it will go along way towards funding my days out filming more airsoft content for future videos.
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